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Awesome Penny Stocks' Pigeons Lick Their Wounds
As VLNX Scam Steals $100 Million From The Public

August 17, 2012: Every time a major penny stock fraud is perpetrated on the public, our subscriptions skyrocket and our hit count goes through the roof. In the last 24 hours, 21,000 hits were recorded on our last three advisories, all related to the current Awesome Penny Stocks scam. Unfortunately many readers were too late or did not heed our warnings. In the past 24 hours, we've received an amazing 400+, "I should have listened to you..." emails.

Yes, you should have listened to us.

In what is being hailed as that last hurrah for APS, the VLNX scam has cost the public almost $100 million. And that doesn't include the million dollars we're guessing was pilfered through PayPal for "Premium Memberships". There was no "premium", just like we warned overly eager beavers, as the "pick" was public knowledge within 5 minutes. To add insult to injury, we have reports that no emails were received by any members today (we didn't either), eliminating the supposed buying support that premium members were supposed to get from regular members, and seemingly ending the pump as quickly as it began.

Premium members are now flocking to the PayPal website and submitting refund requests. Yeah, good luck with that. It will be interesting to see if PayPal will cover these refunds because we promise you that most, if not all of the money sent to APS's associate Premium Stock Report, has been withdrawn from the account. Expect refunds to take weeks/months if they come at all.

But is it really APS' last hurrah? The one question that remains is whether APS will find a way to try and save face. Interestingly, many have commented that while they received emails from APS associate newsletters like, and, it seems that the newsletter did not send out any emails itself. We certainly did not receive any. Perhaps APS is trying to maintain its flagship brand while sacrificing its other brands in hopes of being able to claim hijacking or other phony cries of innocence. At any rate, we'd suspect that only the most foolish of the fools who play penny stocks will jump into any future "picks" that these pirates announce.

Make no mistake about it. VLNX is an APS "pick".