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OCFN Looks Like It Could Be Lining Up To Be The Big One
(you know what we mean)

A couple of small time promoters, Small Cap Review and All Penny Stocks have been touting Omega Commercial Finacial Corp (OCFN) today and we've been told by reliable sources that a much bigger push is coming. One somewhat reliable source has even suggested to us that it is Awesome Penny Stocks' next deal.

Beware of this worthless company! If this is the next APS deal, which is supposedly to be announced on Monday, we expect that it might do no better than VLNX. OCFN has no asset value whatsoever and a book value of negative 7 cents.

There could also be the classic APS fakeout in order here. Looking at the email itself, we couldn't help but notice that the disclaimer identifies the compensator as APS.

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Furthermore, much like the recent VLNX promotion, OCFN is a brand new stock, having had very few trades to date. In fact, today's volume of 66,000 shares (thus far), is the higest trading day ever on this stock. Finally, the company just issued it's first ever press releases, Wednesday and Thursday, the lastest being an attempt to make hay out of a "230%" increase in revenues from a whopping $50K to $115K. How they will ever get this to justify a market cap that could reach 100s of millions of dollars, we'll never know, but in reality the increase is only 130%. We're sure that the "honest" mistake is there to make the revenue increase look better than what it really is.