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What Happened to GWBU and What Will
Awesome Penny Stocks Do Next?

June 21, 2012: Much like we warned you last week, and in spite of and its sister/partner touts promise to retire if the stock of Great Wall Builders (GWBU) doesn't hit 2 bucks, shares experienced a monumental crash today.

Yes APS, we know.  It's those damn shorts and the 200+ point decrease in the DOW.

Now let's discussed what really happened.  First as we told you before, there is no hope in hell that APS is going to retire. Who's going to make them follow through with that vow?  They make too much money scamming the public.  They will find the appropriate excuse, likely, "our subscribers have begged us to stay in business"; or, "we aren't going to let those crooked shorts force us to retire", or something along those lines.  APS already has plans for their next stock and we wouldn't be shocked if it starts next week, but most likely after the 4th of July long weekend.

What happened today is that APS, whose affiliates control GWBU stock, sold out their position.  It wasn't the shorts or any other great conspiracy, it was APS selling.  Period.  You see, the great scam they had in mind, was put to a halt by our cover story on June 3, which tracked the phony bids offered by APS's market maker shill Wilson-Davis.  APS knows full well that the SEC subscribes to our newsletter, and not coincidentally, the phony bid scheme came to a screeching halt immediately.  It had to.  Once APS saw that the share price struggled to maintain support above $1.50 without the phony bids, they threw in the towel, as evidenced by today's action.

But, APS still owns a lot of stock, and we're prepared to watch a few days of continued pleading emails, which APS hopes will allow them to divest themselves of more stock up to a buck.  We urge you not to fall prey to the wash trades that may come occur, in order to give the appearance of support at the current levels.  You will burn.