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It's Pathetic, Really

June 13, 2012: "GBGM Will Close Green Today... That We Stake Our Reputation On!", proclaimed tout and its partners yesterday afternoon, in a desperate attempt to save its failing Pump and Dump campaign on Global Gaming Network (GBGM).  Well apparently, BDPS's reputation isn't worth much, because all the wash trades in the world couldn't stem the bounce players who were exiting at the end of the day, knowing full well that they buy into the equally empty promise that "It Will Trend Higher Tomorrow At [sic] Ease Into the 60's and 70's", at their own peril.  After all, who are you going to go after when they are wrong?  Do you think that BDPS actually cares about their reputation, over the check that their masters wrote them? Or for that matter, the subscribers that lose money each time BDPS pumps one of their worthless promotions?  Nope.

Their reputation already damaged, did BDPS issue a mea culpa? Nope. All they did was blame the clock, lamenting the fact that there wasn't five more minutes in the trading day.  Well guess what?  The stock market always closes at 4:00pm eastern and the "pick" didn't come through.  Reputation is where it deservedly belongs.

Apparently, BDPS is planning on more wash trades to boost interest in GBGM this morning, because that would be the only way to fulfill its latest promise that today the stock will "shoot into the 50's and 60's and continue higher from there."  Of course if they are wrong about that, then it's your tough luck.  BDPS is even falling back on the old standby of a short squeeze on the stock.  There is no significant short position on GBGM, certainly no more than a few market maker positions, and certainly not enough to create a squeeze, and we stake our reputation on that fact.

But we can certainly understand, tongue-in-cheek, why BDPS believes that a company with $363 in the bank, and no other real assets, deserves a $390 million market cap.  Can't you?

Alas, BDPS wasn't the only tout looking to make fools out of its subscribers yesterday. and its partners-in-scam, like, sang a chorus of nanny boo, once Cleantech Transit (CLNO) managed gains of 17% in the first hour of yesterday's trading. "CLNO Busting thru 4 Million Shares ( what?)", GSR asked.  Now what? How about the fact that the share price never saw that high of the day price of .0475 again?  Now what?  How about that Monday's action, created by Jeff Bishop's group of touts like, saw every bag holder lose money, as the share price took a 54% haircut, by opening at 10 cents and diving in a straight line from there? Now what?  How about the fact that in spite of GSR/PSS's best conning efforts, CLNO closed well off its highs and gained only 2.75%, creating losers out of almost every buyer yesterday.  Now what?  How about that we'll bet that the share price takes another significant drop today.  That's what!

But CLNO is cheap when compared to GBGM, because after all, its market cap is only $4.5 million and it does have a whole 11 grand in the bank, even though there are zero revenues.  Therefore, we can totally understand why anybody who is foolish enough to buy into GBGM, would buy into CLNO too.

Then we come to and its siblings "Hot New Alert" for today, Home Health International (HHII).  Hot new alert?  Isn't this that same HHII that almost every tout pushed hard back in April, when it was at 12 cents and thereby creating losers out of almost every player, almost immediately?  That HHII?  The one that now sits at just over a penny, after the perpetrators of that last Pump and Dump stole millions from the suckers they conned?  That HHII?  Even at a penny, the 2.2 billion shares outstanding in HHII, give it a market cap of $25 million.  That's not out of line for a company with zero revenues and $250 in the bank, is it?  Or is it?

Hot new alert?  We dont think so