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GWBU Unlikely To Ever See 2 Bucks, Never Mind 9 or 15

June 14, 2012: For several days now, number one tout/pyramid schemer/thief and its sister/partner touts have been trying to convince you that Great Wall Builders (GWBU) is headed towards 2 bucks in the short term, on its way to the pretend analysts' target prices of 9 or 15 bucks. And yet, the stock can never quite seem to make it.  Here's the reason why: APS can't take it there.  Not now.  Not ever since their phony bid scheme has been under the watchful eye of the SEC, thanks to us. Yes, we know that APS has, "...told you before, we are putting our reputation on the line: If GWBU doesn't hit $2.00 we will retire, shut down our website and stop our newsletter.", but who's going to make them follow through with that vow? You'd have to find them first. And didn't we just hear put their reputation on the line by promising that GBGM would finish in the green? What did we hear when it closed red? Nothing but stories and excuses, that's what. These promises and reputations are worth no more than the garbage they promote: bupkus, nada, nothing.

The shares of GWBU, which even at these "modest" prices support a market cap approaching $600 million, may be more than just slightly unreasonable for a company with zero cash, zero assets and zero revenues. The share price sits where it sits for the simple reason that the share price has relied on the manipulation of APS and it partner-in-scams, market maker Wilson-Davis & Co (WDCO).  Unfortunately for the perpetrators of the ongoing crime though, WDCO has to sit the rest of this dance out.  You see, both APS and WDCO know that the SEC follow this newsletter.

We first detailed the extent of the GWBU manipulation in coverage of an hour of the June 1st trading day. Ever since then, WDCO has been persona non grata at the party.  You see, these guys know for a fact that the SEC reads our newsletter, as a phone call from the agency was received by the hierarchy at North Springs Resources (NSRS) after we exposed a phony bid scheme during that Pump & Dump.  APS and WDCO can no longer afford to take chances once the SEC gets wind of the phony bids scheme, which is the same manipulation undertaken by both the GWBU and NSRS PnD as well as other PnDs promoted by APS.   As of now, five different SEC and FBI email addresses have been subscribed to this newsletter.

The reason that the GWBU share price is unlikely to ever hit 2 bucks, is that there is already little appetite for the stock at these prices.  Unless, APS finds a new way to take a chance on manipulation, the share price seems doomed to the pennies.  Still, we'd never put it above APS to find a way to do it.  We just wouldn't take a chance on their ability to succeed.

One thing is absolutely certain: the share price will never see the lofty phony targets of 9 and 15 bucks set by the just as phony analysts.  SNPK, NSRS, AMWI and POTG all received the same types of pretend targets from pretend analysts and none came even close to achieving those numbers.  They are just another ploy in the scheme.  It is, however, certain that GWBU will achieve the same status as those other APS pyramid schemes: an intrinsically worthless company reflecting its true share value: almost zero.  And just about the same time, and not coincidentally, the plethora of press releases, which add to the phony hype, will slow down to a crawl or even stop altogether.  Even at almost zero, all of these companies are over-priced.

It's just that almost zero may come a little sooner than APS had planned.