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The GDGI Pump & Dump: Then And Now

July 26, 2012: To those considering participating in today's continued press on the GDGI Pump & Dump. We published the below advisory on June 28, 2012 when the current campaign began. Since then the stock price has dropped an additional 80% as no less than 10 million additional shares were dumped by insiders. Be careful!

June 17, 2012: We see that they are going to take another shot at stiffing the public with shares of Greenway Design (GDGI), a previously tremendous failure of a Pump & Dump that started on September 13 of last year, one that we covered over a series of several days.

Within our daily alert of September 14, 2011, we noted that:
"Many participants in yesterday's newly launched Pump & Dump campaign, Greenway Design Group (GDGI) took an insta-bath as share prices ran up to a double in the morning before crashing down to close down on the day.  Insiders were relentless in their bid whacking without concern to the suckers they had just duped into buying their stocks at ridiculously inflated prices.  We're not sure how anybody could have even considered taking this to a $100 million market cap when GDGI has $41K in the bank but $1.6 million in debt.  Shame on those who did not conduct the proper due diligence before losing their hard earned dollars on this obvious scheme.  And shame on the insiders of GDGI for taking these suckers for such a short ride."
Of course and its affiliates blamed those ever dasteredly shorts over the dumping insiders, as we noted on September 15, 2011:
Tout, Best Damn Penny Stocks, issued a rather amusing, if not lame, explanation for the tank job Greenway Design Group (GDGI) underwent yesterday. '... the dirty shorts used their filthy tricks and got many to panic out', reasoned BDPS.  Really?  In spite of the fact that 11 million shares have traded in the last two sessions when the stock has not traded a million shares in total prior to that, and despite the fact that the insiders owned all the stock prior to dumping it on the public, it's the shorts fault?  We think we'll stick the blame for the 75% discount in their life savings some investors have experienced in just those two sessions, on the insiders who reportedly spent a million dollars on this promotion."
The same group of touts, ran GDGI again last November, creating the similarly disasterous results, we prognosticated within our November 17, 2011 alert.

The bottom line is that the insiders, who owned every single share of GDGI prior to the September PnD, made millions in their relentless dumping, at the expense of the public. September participants suffered insta-losses of 50% and eventual losses of as much as 90%.  Those that bought into the highs of the November PnD, are now enjoying losses of as much as 80%.

Today's screw-the-public effort is headlined by and, an affiliate of, who curiously stayed out of the fray.  We're guessing that the powers that be have decided that they cannot risk StockMister's large subscriber base any longer to these sure losers, and that is why the parent is leaving the PnD to the child.  In the meantime, the lie that is being propagated today:

"Thousands of property owners use Cool-n-Save® at home and in their businesses and save as much as 30% on the cost of energy for air conditioning."
Thousands? Really? Let's take a look. According to the company's own financials, revenues for the most recent quarter are at an all time low and the cash position is down to 6400 bucks.What has increased is the debt, which is now at an all time high of $3.4 million. Gee, with "thousands" in installations, you'd expect more than these kind of diminishing assets, wouldn't you?  And how does "thousands" of installation translate to quarterly revenues of on $19K?

With already a market cap of a ridiculous $12 million,  we'll guess that this is still going to get cheaper. Much cheaper.