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Monday, April 9, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

A Sneak Peak Into Our Sneak Peak Into SNPK
Mustang Scammy
 also: OREO, KING

We are working on an expose of Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) in order to show you the illogical stupidity of a $500 million market cap on this company.  Of course, even the most optimistic of regular penny players know where this is going to end up, and we suspect that the illuminated are already slowly making their way to the exits and will leave the less sophisticated in the ways of Ponzi-schemes, holding the bag.  In the meantime, here's an advance look into what we are seeing.

SNPK has done nothing but private labeled a bottle of multivitamins ("Clotamin"), just like many of the major pharmacies
do.  They manufacture nothing.  The only thing that may be somewhat off-the-beaten-path, is that Vitamin "K" has been left out.  The cure for cancer wasn't exactly found here either, as Clotamin is hardly the only multivitamin with this characteristic.

The company's proud announcements of Clotaimin appearing on the shelves of some of the biggest drug store chains is pure window dressing.  If you paid us $40K - $50K, as they paid these retailers to carry Clotamin, we'd tell you that Clotamin makes hair grow on bald men (wait, they may go there).

SNPK, acquired Healthcare Distribution Specialists, the distributors of Clotamin, in a reverse merger. HDS started selling Clotamin in 2008, so this is not a new product, but one that has been around for at least 4 years and has been losing money from Day 1.  This $500 million company is broke.  In March, it had to borrow $200K and paid off other debts with stock, including one $110K debt it settled last February with 50 million shares of stock, that is now worth $55 million.  Not a bad rate of return, eh?

Since its inception, Clotamin has not generated a dime in revenues.  We didn't determine this, the company did.  According to SNPK's own filings, as of December 31, 2011, prior to the acquisition of HDS, it had about $10K in cash and debts of $214K in debt on accumulated material revenues of zero.  Today, you made this company worth $500 million

SNPK has no money, makes no money and they've already committed that the money they don't make, will be given to The National Blood Clot Alliance.

What do you say lemmings?  Want to take this to a billion dollar market cap?

Stand by for our full report.

One of the more aggressive Pump & Dump campaigns going on right now, is the push on Mustang Alliances (MSTG), whose insiders have taken to hiring spam emailing promoters, Stock Castle and its siblings.

In spite of having no money and piles of debt, the company claims to be making acquisitions and conducting exploration without reporting how it is paying for it all.  It also recently filed that it is going to be late (again) with its usually unreliable financials, which seem to have to consistently be amended.  To date, a million dollars has been spent promoting the stock and it seems that insiders have been able to successfully line their pockets with their snake oil stories of riches to be had.  Not!  The campaign was recently re-energized after some shareholders found themselves 60% in the hole within a three week period.  At a ridiculous $100 million market cap, we'd advise those dupes to cut their losses now that there has been a slight rebound on the push of spam emails.  This one is going to zero.

American Liberty Petroleum (OREO) continues its copycat promotion of the Lone Star Gold (LSTG) scam, which we told you, at the top of our lungs, was a crooked enterprise.  The OREO campaign is using the exact same promoters, the same email styles and similar claims, minus the ridiculous notion that Goldcorp was going to takeover LSTG.  No surprise on the familiarity here, as both companies are related to OREO President Allvaro Vollmers and we predicted that OREO was going to be his next project 8 months before the Pump & Dump scheme started.  Now how did we know that?  More importantly, why didn't the street know it was coming and what is yet to come.

There's no surprise that many already down 30% on OREO and there will be many bag holders at the end of the day.  Just ask the LSTG shareholders, many of whom are now down 88% in their investment.  And isn't it coincidental that the LSTG press releases, which were coming at a furious pace, much like the OREO press releases are now, suddenly dried up once the pumping emails also dried up.  We wonder how manye OREO press releases will be forthcoming, once insiders run out of stock to sell.

There's a lot of insider stock for sale (about a billion shares actually) in King Resources (KING), the latest offering from Pump & Dump incubator, Minamar Group.  One thing KING doesn't report having is cash, which makes one wonder how they plan to acquire a silver mine with purportedly $40 million in proven reserves.  Yeah, like that mine really needs to do a reverse merger with KING, instead of doing something radical, like say raising money through an IPO.

And in case, KING's prospect of acquiring a silver or lithium mine doesn't peak the street's interest in their stock, then the company has gone in an entirely different direction by acquiring something called the Grid Grabber, which according to their hastily slapped together, two month old website, appears (the website doesn't really tell you as of the writing of this article) to be some sort of dry battery electricity storage gimmick. We tried to find out how it works and how many installations Grid Grabber has, but nobody has answered their phones in days.  Maybe you'll have better luck.

Now all that KING needs to do to capture the entire penny "sucker" market is go into the Cure for Cancer business.

One more interesting point.  We looked at the registration of the website and found that the domain name was created on January 31, 2012.  Just how old (and established) is this company anyway?  Even more interesting, was the address of the registrant of the domain: 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5, Mississauga, ON L4W 5A1 Canada.  That address is also the address of....Minamar Group.

No of course this isn't a Pump & Dump.