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Thursday, February 9, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Building Turbines Blows Wind Up Your Turbine
Nyxio: Nyet! (no, nada, uh uh)'s new Pump & Dump project is Building Turbines Inc. (BLDW) which just began trading on a regular basis a couple of weeks ago.

Right at the top of SRR's email, is the proud proclamation of a tiny float of 10.4 million shares.  Maybe.  The last report we can find is for the period ending September 30, 2011, a long time ago.

But let's assume that the last reported float in BLDW is absolutely correct. It will only remain that way until 9:30am this morning, when the dilution begins and boy is there a ton of stock
for sale.  Of the 162.2 million shares issued and outstanding, much will come out onto the street over the next few days, courtesy of this new P&D campaign.  Every single share has now had its restrictions removed and while they will not all come out, we promise that the next quarterly report, which is already way overdue (this is a hint), will show a significant increase in the float.

Financials are also a joke and prove that there is nothing here.  The company lists $697 in cash and $4,100 in electrical equipment as their assets. Wouldn't a multi-million dollar renewable energy company need more than $4,100 in equipment?  What do they own, a case of hammers and a couple of screwdrivers?  We laugh at the million dollar asset they list as "goodwill".  We'd rather see a million bucks in cash and $697 in goodwill because then the suckers that are about to hold this stock, would have more to back it up than just a bunch of hammers.  We wonder how much "goodwill" the shareholders will feel for the company when this thing falls to crap after the P&D is over.  That's if it doesn't go straight south from the git go.

We' ll also note that BLDW has generated a grand total of $30K in revenues, all in the last quarter, and yet has somehow managed to blow through $417K doing it.  Sounds pretty solid for a company with a current market cap of about $20 million, doesn't it?

We'd suggest that you blow off BLDW.

Perpetual shareholder screwer, Nyxio (NYXO), is reheating their latest Pump & Dump today, now that bag holders are minus as much as 60% since the current campaign began last month.  That loss pales in comparison to those currently enjoying a whopping 90% hit since last summer's massive campaign.

Financially, the NYXO continues to be in a mess although we must admit that we are confused by their reported revenues.  Last June's financials, reported zero generated revenues, ever.  However the September 30th quarter reported a whopping $3,248 in revenues for the quarter and a grand total of $16,691 since the company's existence.  We were wondering where the other $13,443 suddenly came from.  Perhaps more important than the magical appearance of 13 grand, is the $4.35 million the company chewed through in its last reported quarter. Or maybe the rampant dilution, as more and more stock hits the street with each P&D campaign.

The fact of the matter is that, in spite of product announcement after product announcement, NYXO has not reported the sale of a single TV or any other item.  We can't watch this show anymore and we figure it's going to be cancelled soon.

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