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Monday, February 6, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Bye Bye North Springs Resources
 also: HRID, LSTG

Anybody else notice that and all of those other touts participating in the first major stock scam of the year, North Springs Resources (NSRS), stopped their daily barrage of 100s of emails today?  Somebody predicted this was going to happen this week, now who was that?  Oh yeah, it was us!  Without all of that email creating the hot air that's holding this garbage up, expect this thing to tank and tank hard in short order. 

One issue being pumped really hard lately is Hybrid Fuels, Inc (HRID) and why not?  After all it has $550 in the bank, $6,000 in revenues for the last reported quarter and yet the company is only worth $15 million.  Now if you're banking on Azul Instant,
Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals' natural male enhancement product that is the rage of the reverse takeover of HRID and the scheme behind the current Pump & Dump, then we understand, but could anybody tell us where you can buy this wonder drug?  Or how about sales to date, because it's going to take the hardening of a lot of male members to make this thing worth any close to $15 million. 

It is amazing to us that people are still falling for the Lone Star Gold (LSTG) scam.  This Pump & Dump just turned 6 months old and has generated 10s of millions of dollars in investor losses in that time, while creating that amount of gains for insiders.The stock is trading at a third of the highs achieved early in the campaign and yet suckers continue to lap this crap up as the pumping emails continue.  Allvaro Vollmers, the brains behind this Ponzi scheme has his next con job, American Liberty Petroleum (OREO) all lined up and ready to go, but has delayed its start because even he can't believe that he still has buyers for his intrinsically worthless paper.

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