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Monday, February 27, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Are The Touts Running Out Of 
Stocks To Pimp?

Although it’s been a couple of weeks since our last article, it’s not like we’ve missed much, because there really is not much new to report.  The touts have been regurgitating the same garbage they’ve been passing around for weeks now, and outside of some flippers, it’s impossible to find a winner amongst penny players.  The shear frequency of the emails and the ganging up by the touts on just a few stocks, should be clue enough to stay far away.

It used to be, that every week would bring a new slew of stocks to the promotion game, but it seems that since the holidays we are seeing the same crap being hyped over and over again.  For example: and its partners who started pimping the North Springs Resources (NSRS) scam last Christmas, extended their pumping of this trash because nobody was around to pony up the big bucks it takes to hire the biggest facilitators of Ponzi-schemes in the penny market.  So they figured they might as well help the insiders squeeze every dime out of the suckers who believe, some of whom were foolish enough to pay up to $1.72 per share.  Two weeks later, it is trading at 20 cents and now that the campaign has finally been abandoned, the share price is about to hit the single digits, making many bag holders 95% poorer on their investment.  Well done.

We told you a couple of weeks ago that this POS was going to tank hard and fast and if you’re still in it, we don’t blame you for feeling like you are too stupid to live.  Still we’d advocate staying out of the stock market, rather than putting a bullet into your skull.  Unless you spent the kid’s college tuition on it.   Then go get the bullets.

We’ve written so many articles and advisories on NSRS, that it would require the rest of this column to list them all, so don’t say you weren’t warned.  Enter “North Springs Resources” into the search bar on the website to retrieve them all, or you can read some of the better warnings by clicking here, here and here.

Another piece of junk that has been passed around the campfire many times over is Hybrid Fuels (HRID).  This one turned many into insta-losers, having lost 50% of its value in 4 days, in spite of the fact that it  was right in the middle of the P& D campaign.  Yet the remorseless touts continue to push this excrement from a cockroach with $550 in the bank, without even a thank you or a tip of the hat to those who paid for their lies.  Click here to read our previous warning on HRID.

Black Castle Developments Holdings (BCDH), another worthless company whose stock scheme is being pushed by anyone with a subscribers list and is and’s pick for Monday, reports $1,450 in the bank and $1.3 million in debt.  With $1.37 billion shares issued and outstanding, who could argue with our apprehension over its current market cap of $80 million?

Same goes for that laughable Pump & Dump scheme that actually admits it is promoting nothing, Rhino Human Resources (IFHR).  Now here’s a promoter,, who whined when we listed them as a paid promoter during their first go with this stock, and yet now reports itself as having been paid for the promotion.  Which is it boys?  We’ve always found this scam to be one of the more entertaining ones and we strongly recommend that that you read this alert and this one as well.  Better yet, punch in “Rhino” in the search box and read all the fun stories we’ve written about IFHR.

We note that UFood Restaurant Group (UFFC) is continuing with their hunt to find new losers, by adding to the mix of touts trying to convince new investors not to let those that are already down 40% affect their decision to throw good money after bad. We took a look at UFFC in one of our alerts that we think you should read before deciding to jump in.  Click here to retrieve that alert and while you’re at it, grab the one that came after it here.

Frogads (FROG) might be the worst one of the bunch yet.  While we’ve already talked about it in articles you can retrieve by clicking here and here, the shamelessness continues as the company has now implicated the voluptuous actress, Pamela Anderson in its scheme.  We’re going to take a closer look at FROG in the coming days and forward her agent a complete look at the scheme to which Ms. Anderson is lending her soon to be dragged-through-the-mud name.  No smart ass comments please.

Even “pre-promotion” alertist, is jumping into the regurgitating act, by issuing a rumor on Here Enterprises (HRTE), an issue that is no stranger to P&D schemes, having been promoted at least six times last year, including a spam email campaign.  We understand the desire for FMR to have its subscribers make profits, but we frown upon the tactic of bringing buyers into the stock by comparing it to the recent surge in another Pump & Dump subject, Evader Corp (EVDR).  HRTE has absolutely no intrinsic value except to those who flip the stock at the expense of others.

And then there’s Caduceus Software (CSOC), a disaster of a Pump & Dump ever since the first campaign started back in September, and whose investors, that bought in way back then and are still hanging on, are currently enjoying losses of 90%.  This weekend brought at least three more touts to the scheme, amongst them.  The alert we issued, which talked about the inevitability of CSOC‘s shame spiral, should have made it crystal clear that this was one to avoid.

Finally Legend Oil and Gas (LOGL), a 7 month old Pump & Dump, must feel like it has extracted all it can from its relationship with, as it is finally bringing in additional help to move the insiders’ endless supply of paper.  It is a credit to the deviousness of the promotion that this stock is still trading in the dollar range.  In fact, it has been trading in that range for so long, that those who are minus 60% from last summer’s investment are but a distant memory.  The controlled sale of paper, rather than the brutal bid whacking often employed by these types of schemers, shows that those selling LOGL insider stock know that they don’t have to get all their money out at once.  Still the snake oil type of sales pitches used to convince suckers to “invest” in LOGL would put even PT Barnum to shame.  Please do not fall for the pie-in-the-sky predictions or claims made by the promoters pimping this stock.  You must read our previous alerts, which include references to a article, by clicking here, here and here.

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