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Here's Why North Springs Resources
Is About To Tank And Tank Hard

February 3, 2012: No  doubt about it, the bandits who have been running the North Springs Resources (NSRS) Pump & Dump have made enormous amounts of money for themselves, the insiders, and to a lesser extent, a number of traders.  But this game is just about over and new buyers are about to be left holding the bag while collectively taking hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Why?  Because the game is just about over. the leader of the pack and its sister touts,,, and, amongst others, are ready to move on.  They even said it, themselves in a recent email to subscribers.

"As you know we profile 10-12 picks per year and in order to stay within that range we will be announcing a brand new pick in a few weeks towards the end of February."
They said it right there.  The game is over.  And we'll bet that it will be over a lot sooner than the end of February.  How do we figure that?  Because all of the other touts that joined the fracas after AwesomePS started this scam, like,, and all of their siblings, said it within the Disclosure paragraphs of every email they've sent out since they got on board on January 9.
"...has been paid $600,000 by Nahulate S.A. to perform promotional and advertising services for a one month profile of NSRS...
One month ends on February 8 or 9th.  What do you think will happen to the share price of NSRS once the dozens of emails that come into your inbox every day, stop flowing?  There may be some residual pimping from some of the lessor touts, but without the big boys brainwashing the public day in and day out, this thing is doomed.

Doomed!  Like LEXG, POTG, AMWI, etc., etc., etc.  

By the way, we warned you NSRS was a scam in a couple of advisories, which you can read by clicking here and here.

On the upside, every time one of these scams dies, our subscription rate increases tremendously.  Sooner or later, everybody will learn.

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