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AWSRing The Question,
"Just How Gullible Are Penny Stock Players?"

February 29, 2012: One of these days, the unbelievable power that, and their siblings have over the penny stock markets, is bound to be looked at by the regulators.

Having just washed its hands of the North Springs Resources (NSRS) scam in which it made money for many of its subscribers while creating hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for infinitely more, APS “accidentally” released America West Resources (AWSR) as its next pick, late Thursday afternoon.

Within minutes of the “slip-up” AWSR shares increased 750%, as idiotic buyers could not log into their online brokers fast enough to issue market (rather than limit) buy orders. This was in spite of the fact that AWSR had not issued a press release since October of last year. Interestingly, a press release has not been issued since the “goof” either.

The 750% price increase in AWSR shares over 30 minutes, was comparable to the maximum appreciation in NSRS over the 2 month life of that Pump & Dump campaign. And yes, we’re saying that AWSR was a deliberately executed P&D. The main difference is that while the NSRS campaign lasted two months, the AWSR campaign lasted 90 minutes, although the residual effect will last much longer.  That’s what you get for 15,000 Euros.

This was actually a brilliantly executed scam.

At about 2:30pm ET, APS came out with an email announcing that its next pick would be coming out on March 1. The heading which was slapped onto the email read, “Today’s Pick Is AWSR”. To fan the flames further, the email stated that the pick “…is in the coal mining industry. It currently has a contract with Pacific Corp (Warren Buffet affiliated company) to supply up to $175 million worth of coal.” This description fits AWSR perfectly.

Immediately, the stock began to trade wildly. Having opened the day at 27.8 cents, the share price hit a high of $1.80, 30 minutes after the email, before closing at $1.29, making immediate insta-losers out of so many fools.

Ah, but there were so many more knuckleheads to rip off yet.

Later that night, APS issued an apologetic email, claiming that the release of the AWSR symbol, “…was a mistake on our editors' part and we apologize for it.” A mistake? Really? Was the description of AWSR’s business a mistake as well?

OTC Markets, could not slap a “Caveat Emptor” status on AWSR stock fast enough.

The self-deprecating email also changed its tune about the timing of the next pick. Whereas, APS had originally announced that their next pick would come out on March 1, the apology stated that NSRS would be the pick until the second week of March, at which time a new pick would be released. We find it significant that, in spite of the fact that NSRS is supposedly still APS’s “pick”, there has not been another single email touting it since. When NSRS was actually APS’s “pick”, dozens of emails were forthcoming every single day.

The fact of the matter is that NSRS is not APS’s pick. That scam is over. We told you that NSRS was about to tank hard on February 3. You didn’t listen.

The apology created a predictable crash in AWSR’s share price on Monday, as millions more were lost by the Kool-Aid drinkers. Yet the share price did not retrace all the way back to its Thursday starting point, and in fact, has shown signs of life since, with significant fluctuations. At Tuesday’s close, AWSR shares were still trading 300% above the pre-scam price. The thinking is that AWSR really is APS’s next pick and that they will officially announce it sooner or later.

We don’t think so. We think that APS has done the job it has been paid for and is moving on to something else. Plainly said, AWSR is not’s next pick. Unless now they want to be out to prove us wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was no accident. The sudden change in the release dates from March 1 to the second week of March is one clue. Furthermore, APS was paid for this accident and the proof is found in the disclaimer of the "accidental" email:

 You have all been taken for a ride.

In the meantime, AWSR insiders get to clean up, as you buy up all their stock, while you speculate about the next APS pick.

The tactic that APS has employed in this scam is called “Bait and Switch” and is very illegal. Of course, as nobody really knows who APS is and they are located offshore, it will be hard to call them to the carpet. The only way to stop these criminals from taking advantage of the morons who insist on giving away their money, is for the SEC to immediately suspend trading in whatever stock they promote. That will stop the money from flowing into APS's pockets. It would also show that someone is taking a serious stance against these types of schemes.

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