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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Ecoland International:  Are You Kidding?
UFFC Has A Bunch Of New Stock To Dump
 also: SAPX (sigh)

We are amazed by the number of investors out there willing to buy into the proverbial swamp land for sale in Florida.  Or is it the Brooklyn Bridge?  Either way, one who would fall for those schemes would have no less of a chance of coming out unscathed than those buying into the Ecoland International (ECIT) Pump & Dump.  Eager suckers have now swallowed up about $4 million of insider stock without even looking into what it was they were buying.  Let's start here: according to the financials just filed for the quarter ending November 30, 2011,
the company is broke!  It has 8 bucks in cash and $3K in receivables.  That's called "broke" people.  On top of that, ECIT owes over $600K.  Over six and a half years, the company has generated $80K in revenues.  And yes, these are the financials that were issued well after the acquisition of consumer product manufacturer, D & R Technology.

Even if you consider the $1.2 million contract from Johnson Controls that was purportedly awarded to ECIT and the $13 million worth of projects purportedly awarded to D & R Technology over a 5 year period, how in the world have y'all bid these shares up to a $70 million market cap?  Are the buyers into this obvious scheme insane?

Participants in ECIT's previous PnD campaign, conducted last October, enjoyed losses of up to 80% within a couple of weeks.  We think it's going to be worse this time.

They are at it again with Ufood Restaurant Group (UFFC).  The last PnD campaign didn't generate a lot of interest on this one, but thanks to yesterday's pumping emails, the stock is now back to the levels it was at when the November campaign got underway.  Did you get that?  It took a new PnD campaign to bring the stock back to where it was when the last PnD got started.  That means that bag holders really took it on the chin, with many taking 75% hits before bailing.  The pumping is still going today, so we'll tell you to take a look at our last alert on UFFC if you are currently holding some stock or thinking about getting in.

Since the last PnD campaign began, 13,500,000 shares of UFFC stock was issued under S-1 rules.  Stock issued under S-1 is supposed to be issued to foreigners and is immediately tradeable, so we figure that the recipients of this paper are the ones that financed this new PnD.  There's a lot of it to come out so watch out! 

UFFC also released a new quarterly financial report since the last PnD and the news is even worse than it was before.  Assets have again been cut in half from the previous quarter and are now less than a third of what they were a year ago.  Debt is $2.4 million which is a lot when you consider that the company only has $80K in the bank.  and of course dilution is rampant.  From the July quarterly report to the October report the number of shares issued and outstanding increased by about 10% to over 48 million shares.  The S-1 stock issued since then, adds another 13.5 million shares for another 28% dilution.  Be warned, UFFC has nowhere to go but down!

How many times are we going to have to tell the planet that Seven Arts Entertainment (SAPX) is a Pump & Dump? Two days ago, the third campaign since last summer was under way and the lemmings jumped off the cliff, running the stock up 50% on tremendous volume. Then naturally, the stock came almost all the way back in the late afternoon.  Once again, huge losses were created.  Honestly, when will you people ever learn?

Sorry, I just felt like I needed to vent a little.

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