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Thursday, January 26, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

A SPAH-T On Pump & Dump
People Don't Need PLPL

We are going to suggest a good psychiatrist for those that jump into the second Spectrum Acquisition Holdings (SPAH) Pump & Dump which starts today.  If ever a PnD was in your face it is this one.

The last PnD on SPAH began on December 15 and the stock ran up to 83 cents in just a matter of a few days.  Then the insiders began a relentless bid whacking campaign, unlike any we've ever seen.  In a matter of a few weeks, the stock was trading at a penny and a half as millions and millions of shares were unloaded onto the street, creating as close to 100% losses as we've seen in a stock that wasn't halted altogether.  This one might be halted yet.

SPAH has almost half a billion shares in the float.  That mans that there is almost an unlimited amount of stock yet to be unload to the public.  When the stock hit 83 cents during the last PnD, the company had a market cap of over $400 million.  With $3.1 million in debt but only $1,172 in the bank and a mining claim that has an unverified booked value of $2.3 million, does this kind of market cap sound logical?  Of course not!  That's why the insiders whacked the bids!  If they were really smart, they bought back all of that stock in the single digit pennies. The company also bleeds cash, booking a loss of $177K in the last reported quarter.  If you buy into this one, you will get what you deserve. 

The insiders of Plandai Biotechnology (PLPL) are using their first press release in almost a year as a launching platform for their new Pump & Dump campaign.  The laughable part is that the only thing the press release announced is that the company is going $13 million deeper into debt.  A recent reverse merger, PLPL purports to be a farmer of fruits and vegetables for the purpose of harvesting their extracts.  It claims to own land, farms and infrastructure, but since we have not seen any financials since the reverse merger, it is hard to determine what the value of the actually company is, but with 87 million shares issued and outstanding, thanks to the 76 million shares just created, we're pretty sure that the company would have a tough time justifying its current $30 million market cap. 

Shares of Fibertower Corporation (FTWR) have been cut in half on the announcement that its been relegated to the OTC Bulletin Boards from the NASDAQ market because of it's consistent share price under a dollar.  PnD campaigns did nothing to restore the buck requirement and only enabled the dumping of overpriced stock.  As we have been saying for a long time, the same result is inevitable for Seven Arts Entertainment (SAPX) in spite of PnD campaign after campaign, that also does nothing but create selling opportunities under the guise of attempting to get the share price over a dollar.  Expect SAPX stock to be downgraded sometime this year. 


We received communications from one of the customers of Greenfield Farms Foods (GRAS), who reportedly has been stiffed on his order and cannot find the company's President, convicted securities violator, Larry Moore, or anybody else, for that matter.  We warned you about this scam on a couple of occasions (which you can read by clicking here and here) and would suggest to you that this thing is over.

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