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Monday, January 9, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

NYXO & AMWI:  Here We Go Again

We really should be headlining the newer schemes out there, but the past Pump & Dumps on Nyxio (NYXO) and Amwest Imaging, Inc. (AMWI) were so devasting to investors that we wanted to bring them front and center again to try and keep them out of your focus. 

NYXO started being pumped again on Friday afternoon on the premise that they are exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, later this week.  Well insiders can certainly afford the exorbitant costs of exhibiting at CES following their last
multi-month PnD campaign during which time insiders sold millions of dollars worth of stock and resulting in losses of as much as 85% to investors.  No surprise there, as the company reported having $60 in the bank and debt of $212K, in their last financial report filed way back in August.  Curiously, even with the purported product line and all of this wonderful technology at hand, NYXO assigned no asset value to inventory, technology or patents.  Still the PnD managed to bring this thing up to a market cap of $17 million, which could only lead to the inevitable blood bath.  

The situation with NYXO isn't looking any better this time, as the year end financials are already two months late and we expect that this new PnD campaign is a conduit to further exit by the insiders in advance of bad news with the year end statements.  We expect tremendous dilution and a multi-fold increase in the number of shares issued and outstanding.

Now that and its criminal sisters are busy touting the North Springs Resources (NSRS) scam, the job of squeezing out every last penny from the Amwest Imaging (AMWI) scam has been handed over to, who has been touting the purported acquisition by AMWI of several hastily slapped together websites that contain no substance and produce no revenue.  At the height of the scam, this thing had a market cap of over $700 million giving the insiders, who owned every single share just three weeks prior, a chance to get rich off of suckers.  The good news is that this is the scheme that finally led to the exodus of many from the penny markets. It's also the scheme that  brought a significant amount of new subscribers to our email alerts, as we were the ones who warned everybody before, during and after the scam, through various alerts and advisories, some of which can be reviewed by clicking here, here, here here, and here. 

A new Pump & Dump scheme has started up on Freedom Energy Holdings (FDMF), a company purportedly owning technology that enables the easier flow of heavy oil.The new PnD coincides with the company's claim that agreements and funding for project trials in the Persian Gulf can proceed now that "Geo-Political situations are beginning to calm down".  Huh?  Do these people even read the news?  Iran is threatening war in the Persian Gulf! 

FDMF financials are so mind boggling, it would take an absolute pigeon to buy into this scheme.  For one thing, the company has $4,854 in the bank, according to the latest filings.  The company owes over $2.5 million and hasn't had any sales since the 8,692 bucks in rang up in 2010.  It does claim to have earned $51K in cosulting fees during the last reported quarter, ending in September, but expenses of $80K more than wiped that out.  There are almost 600,000,000 shares issued and outstanding and a whopping 10 billion authorized, indicating the intention to keep the printing presses running.  In fact, dilution is guaranteed by the over 600,000 preferred shares out there (out of 100 million authorized) that can be converted into 6 billion (with a "B") common shares.  This means that the company currently has a virtual market cap of, now get this, over $60 million!  

If FDMF every really does get financing, even further dilution is assured.  In fact the 10 billion common shares authorized, will not be enough to cover the future float predicted by the 100 million preferred shares authorized, as those shares alone can be converted into one trillion common shares.  Bet on a major reverse split in the future, as that is the only way they can keep the authorized number of shares under control.

An illegal spam email campaign has begun on Auric Mining (AUMY), a name that has been cleverly played off of the James Bond character Auric Goldfinger, in order to sound alluring to the unsuspecting dupe, in this case seniors who are familiar with the character.  While all pumped penny stocks are scams, a stock that is subject to spam emailing campaigns, is the absolute lowest of the low.  Spam emails are used to find those suckers who don't subscribe to promotional emails, often seniors, in order to give the illusion that they are privy to something on the qt. 

AUMY has a whopping $139 in the bank and $136K in debt.  The new PnD campaign was predicated by the 45 million shares which recently became free trading and insiders are looking to dump.  The almost 80 million shares last reported as issued and outstanding, gives the company a $1.6 million market cap.  We would not be surprised to see the number of shares issued and outstanding to be reported as significantly increased within the next financials, as there are one billion shares authorized.
The company is pumping off the news of its purported acquisition of a property in Ontario's Abitibi Greenstone Belt.  It's important to note that the company reports only placing a deposit down on the property.  It is all together possible that the deposit has been made only to give credence to a PnD campaign.  This would not be the first time that a deposit has been forfeited once the insiders have cashed in.  What is particularly suspicious is that AUMY has not filed the required 8-K notification with the SEC in regards to this acquisition, thereby giving no means to the public to investigate the history of the property purportedly being acquired.  It is altogether possible that this is one of those properties that gets passed around from shell to shell in order to facilitate stock schemes.  We would not be surprised if major exploration companies have already passed on this particular property.  In any case, be particularly diligent when specifics of an acquisition are not offered, such as is the case here.

We're going to hand out a PIMP award, given to the tout who exhibits the most disgusting display of stock prostitution, to and its sisters, for the ridiculous email they disseminated over the weekend, in which they blamed the shorts for the collapse of the Powrtec International Corp (POWT) Pump & Dump.  Here's a portion of the text from that email,
I Am Furious
After pondering all weekend and cooling down I came to a few conclusions on what exactly happened on Friday with POWT.
First thing right off the jump in the morning the short sellers attacked us notoriously!
It is borderline criminal what they can get away with..
Remember you see what happens when they leave things alone as evidence of our last pick that soared 1700%!
That was because of the combination of the end of the month and all the scum bags away for the holidays more on that in a bit..
Second thing that happened is when it tanked a third party shareholder thought it would be nice to dilute a little..which is why it never had a bounce..
Honestly, how does this POS look at  himself in the mirror?  Short sellers?  There aren't any short sellers, because there cannot be but a few.  The insiders owned almost all of the stock prior to the start of the PnD and even after insider stock was distributed amongst the fools,, the largest retail shorter of penny stocks, reports that no POWT stock is available to short.  We agree that "it is borderline criminal what they can get away with" provided that "they" refers to the insiders of POWT and

We love the tout's veiled attempt at mea culpa when he states that a third party "thought it would be nice to dilute a little".  Really pimp?  You mean the guy who paid you half a million dollars (according to your own disclosure) to pump this crap?  And by "dilute a little", are you referring to the at least 65 million shares that was dumped onto the public over two days?

And speaking of the public, when are you all going to learn to do some due diligence?  You gave a market cap of $20 million to this scam, that has $1,942 in the bank, $3 million in debt and no revenues ever!  And yet somehow, those revenues generated $170K in losses in the last quarter.  Then there's the big lie....

In their latest press release, POWT claims to have have signed a contract with Danish company DONG Energy, to deliver 50,000 Smart Read Meters.  We'll ignore the fact that we have no idea what this might mean in revenues, if anything, and turn to the claim that POWT has previously delivered 210,000 of these meters to DONG Energy.  Hmmmm.  Really?  When?  We see no previous press release announcing such a sale and it stands to reason that if POWT finds it worthy to announce a delivery of 50,000 meters,then a delivery of 210,000 meters is a bonanza announcement, isn't it?  Furthermore, we'll go back to the financials which state that no revenue has ever been realized by the company.  In other words, we call BS.

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