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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Stevia Finds A Way To Sweet Talk Investors
 also: TDEY, FROG
Congratulations are owed to those who rode out Stevia Corp.'s (STEV) three month old Pump & Dump campaign to finally get ahead of the game, after most were down 50%.  Now we wonder what's going to happen to those who bought in at over a buck and brought the share price within sight of two bucks.

We're not sure what happened to encourage this sudden revelation about the pretend value of STEV, but it seems to coincide with the addition of tout to the stable of the other 20 touts who have been pimping this thing for 96 days now.  We've never seen TooNiceStocks have this kind of affect on a stock before, but so be it.  For those that are interested in something like logic, the sudden ascent of STEV's share price, so late into the PnD campaign, makes absolutely no sense.

STEV's fundamentals are as bad as ever.  The company has $76K in the bank, $450K in debt and lists absolutely zero hard core assets, like say, stevia plant farms.  All the company claims to be doing is "paving the way for the rapid development of trial cultivation farms....".  In other words, nothing. STEV practically admits that it is relying on the Vietnamese government's cooperation with financing for farmers. As a result, the company has zero revenues and spent a quarter of a million dollars earning those.  Yet at the close on Friday, STEV had a market cap of $100 million.  Even if everything falls the way the company hopes it will, the company offers no indications as to how it's going to generate the revenues to justify anything close to those valuations.

Somebody's about to take some major hits on their investment.

We did have a few write to us, lauding what they believed to be STEV's online retail website,  In actuality, this website has nothing to do with STEV.  It is published by Health World Online, Inc., an internet retailer of Stevia products manufactured from stevia plants grown in South America, by another company.  There are a few manufacturers of stevia products, which have been around for years.  At this time, STEV, who has only been around since April, manufactures nothing and purports to be involved in the growing of Stevia plants in Vietnam.  "Stevia" is not a proprietary term owned by STEV, but the name of a commodity.  You wouldn't think that a company called "Sugar, Inc." owned all the rights to sugar in the world, would you?  Of course not.  STEV's website can be found at,

You can hear them shout, "one more time", over at 3D Eye Solution (TDEY) as they are now underway with the 3rd PnD campaign in the last 8 months.  This new campaign was started without the benefit of even a press release over the last six months.  The last two campaigns were absolute disasters for those who participated as well as those who perpetrated. The campaign of last May, netted losses of 95% for those who bought into the scheme, even though the promotions were short lived and netted relatively minor interest.  At that time we published a scathing report on the company's Chairman, Marc Jablon and his past schemes, which you can access by clicking here.  The campaign subsequently conducted in July was even more of a non-event, as just over a million shares of buying could be created by the campaign.  Still, those bag holders were enjoying a 90% loss as of the start of today's campaign.

Fundamentally, the company has made absolutely no progress in the last year.  According to the latest financials, TDEY has $1117 in the bank and owes a whopping $1.8 million. Where are the revenues from all those wonderful projects touted during the past PnD campaigns?  Considering Marc Jablon dubious history and the lack of any progress through two PnD campiagns, we'd continue to pass.

Touts are now issuing reruns on Froagads (FROG) as they try to refresh interest on this month long Pump & Dump that has already had some bag holders see 45% haircuts to their wallet.  Today, the company is touting the fact that they have significant increase in traffic to their website.  Well, of course they do.  Hundreds of thousands of subscribers to the touts' emails are checking out the self-anointed "Craigslist killer" and getting a good laugh.  We'll note that FROG doesn't mention increases in revenue resulting from that traffic jam, as we point you to our recent alert. That read should give you enough reason to believe that this frog is no prince in disguise.

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