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Friday, January 20, 2012
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

The Touts Evade Doing Any Research on Evader
also: TSPG, GCLL

It's Regurgitation Friday as a couple of old time losers are brought back into the pimps' spotlight today.

Hey, it's a good thing we have all of these touts out there looking for these wonderful stock picks for us to throw money at, like Evader Corp (EVDR).  This company which literally does nothing, now that it has announced the sale of its previously highly touted (by them) subsidiary, Avtar Singh Construction Company, is being pumped on two premises, both of which show how putrid the pimps who are touting this thing really are.

The first premise is that last summer, the company bought back 529 million shares from a majority shareholder.  Well duh!  All that happened is that the President bought back his own shares so that any cash due to the company could be put in his own pocket.  Who do you think owns the majority of the remaining 436 million shares?  And since that stock is in treasury, it will get reissued to hm or to whomever buys the shell, so the whole thing is a game anyway.  EVDR was already promoted on this premise last July when the completion of the buyback was announced.  The share price took a 90% nose dive since that PnD campaign.

The second premise for the current EVDR PnD campaign, earns touts, PennyStocksForDummies, MovingPennies and ActualGains a PIMP award, given to the tout(s) who exhibit the most disgusting display of stock prostitution.  They receive that award for pushing EVDR shares on the basis of the company's wonderful ownership of Avtar Singh Construction Company, "one of the major developers of India, with strong ties to Provincial and Central Government of India".  Uh, as we just said, EVDR announced last week that it had sold Avtar Singh Construction Company.  Now we wonder who's dumber.  The touts for not doing any research into the pieces of crap they're paid to promote, or the company for selling an asset that is supposedly so significant.  Kind of makes you want to run out and grab a boatload of shares, doesn't it?

EVDR has not reported financials, or anything else for that matter, since last April and has been placed on the OTC Markets watch list.  This means that it could be suspended at any time.

We remember last October when the Blue Wave Advisors group of touts, including, rationalized to their subscribers, that the retracing of Greencell Inc's (GCLL) share price to the .60s from its insane high of a buck, a month after a Pump & Dump campaign, was the establishment of a "new base".  There was no recognition given to the bag holders who bought in at higher prices on BeaconEquity's recommendation and were now stuck at that "base".  Well that stock has based down to .50 now and these touts are going to try and temporarily pump it up again so that more insider stock can hit the street.

Not much has changed at GCLL since the last PnD campaign, except that the cash on hand has decreased from $4,022 to $1,105; debt has increased by 20%; and, revenues are still zero.  Not very impressive for a three  year old company.  Hey but at least there's been 10% dilution.  

What has changed, is that the new guy they paid to put out a ridiculous price target has decided that air is worth $1.87 per share.  The last guy only valued air at $1.40 per share.  We think that GCLL's air is overvalued even at pre-pump prices.

TGI Solar Power Group (TSPG), a major failure brought to you by Pump & Dump incubator, Minamar Group, is hoping that maybe at zero somebody will want their worthless stock.  This was last flogged at the public back in the summer and those that held on, now own nothing as the stock plummeted from the $.014 to its current .0003.  As if that wasn't enough reason to learn from other people's mistakes, the company has missed filing its last two quarterly financials so now it is impossible to know what the situation is.

What we can tell you is that TSPG has at least three quarters of a billion shares issued and outstanding and we'd bet it's a lot more now, when you consider the company needs money (at last report it owed $3.5 million) and has never had a problem starting up the printing presses in the past.  Then there's all those previously existing debentures and preferred shares that can be converted into common stock.  Yep, we see a massive reverse split in this company's near future.

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