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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Insiders & Touts Try To Convince You
That THIS Time They Are Right!

It's sickening that there are still so many pigeons out there that stock pimps and the masters they serve, still have the nerve to try and make fools of the public.  Today we see the rehashing of several past campaigns that have fleeced investors all the while lining the pockets of insiders looking to shed their worthless paper.  To whit: 

Fox Petroleum (FXPT) is at it again a mere 3 months after William Lieberman and his band of merry dumpers created losses of as much as 80% following the last PnD campaign.  We warned you this would happen several times especially in a September 13, 2011 alert.  Still, the street had to learn the hard way and by our estimates, Lieberman and company walked off
with about $1.5 million from stock sales on top of the almost $14 million in "consulting" fees they booked.  Don't worry though, the boys have an endless supply of paper to satisfy anybody's appetite for schemes, as evidenced by the 1250% increase in the number of shares issued and outstanding over the three month period since their previous financials.

Hey at least FXPT was able to increase their asset value (according to their financials) by $47,673 to bring them to a total of, uh, well $47,673.  Oh and there is still no cash in the bank.  Who wouldn't want to invest in this gem with a $32.5 million market cap, that does nothing but take money from the pockets of suckers? 

Insiders of Blue Gold Beverages (BGBV) also want more of your money, not having been satisfied with the over 75% losses some investors are currently enjoying, since participating in the last PnD campaign, conducted last June.  There's plenty of good news here too.  In the three months between financials, the number of shares issued and outstanding has increased by 25%  Asset value has quadrupled but liabilities are up almost ten fold.  Revenues are up 900% but the operating losses increased by 450% so, so what?  The company is losing more money than ever.  Step right up and pick up the stock of this $4 million company (and that's not counting preferred shares) whose stock even the insiders don't want. 

They're  pumping the crap out of Lone Star Gold (LSTG) for a fourth month now and will continue to do so as long as Vollmers, Rhoden and company still have stock to dump.  These crooks are counting on the suckers who are down as much as 50%, to average down on the dream that this company has access to properties that hold billions of dollars worth of gold.  They don't have any gold, but they still have access to stock worth hundreds of millions of dollars based on air but based on nothing with intrinsic value.  We don't feel sorry for bag holders because we have been amongst the many voices screaming at the top of our lungs about this scam and have written several advisories and alerts, starting with our initial on-the-money analysis on August 14.  We estimate that this ponzi scheme has already generated over $50 million in easy cash for its perpetrators and they are at the point where bids will get whacked as it does not matter what they get for the remainder of their paper.  We wouldn't be surprised to see this thing trading below 50 cents by the end of the year and down to the single pennies before spring.

Stevia Corp (STEV) is another long term PnD that is moving pretty much sideways for now, but has already created losses as high as 50% in the two months that touts have pimping this overpriced garbage.  When we first alerted this thing back in October, the company had $350K of borrowed money, no revenues, plenty of losses and a $55 million market cap.  Since those heady days, the company's cash position has dropped to $76K, liabilities have increased to $454K and dilution has increased the number of shares issued and outstanding by 70%.  Even though the share price has dropped significantly, the company's valuation has pretty much remained the same because of this dilution.  Still, tout shows no shame in daily pump emails designed to wring every last dollar of dupes hoping to find a non-existent pot of gold at the end of the STEV rainbow. 

One current PnD that is working out well for insiders Phil Keuber, Patrick Moore and their buddies is Amwest Imaging Inc (AMWI).  This company, with no cash and only pretend assets, has already generated tens of millions of dollars for its schemers, as the share price has better than tripled in the three weeks that this con has been underway.  We'll remind you that we provided details in our November 18 alert, on how just a month ago, every share of the 535.6 million issued and outstanding belonged to a few insiders.  It is that stock which the street has been buying up with vigor while making millionaires out Keuber and Moore, in a scheme that Keuber also proved profitable with Writers' Group Film Corp (WRIT) and Pepper Rock Resources (PEPR).  If you want to see what's in store for AMWI, we suggest you look at the charts of WRIT and PEPR.

We think that AMWI has pretty much run its course and we predict that a downward spiral will begin with the next couple of days that will result in the share price being taken back to the dime range by Christmas.

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