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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Fleet Management Sees Management Heading To The Exits Fleetingly

Fleet Management Solutions (FLMG) is giving it another go as plenty of additional insider stock needs to hit the streets.  Participants in last August's campaign were currently enjoying a 75% hit before the current campaign began.  The touts are being extra devious with this one, claiming that the company has millions of dollar in cash.  In actuality, the company last reported having $715K in cash and $1.4 million in receivables, which is not cash.  They also owe $6.2 million, most of which is ledgered under Accounts Payable.  In other words, FLMG is in a cash desperate position.  The touts also claim that the company is
worth $29 million, a number that we think was determined using lotto balls.  That having been said, the market cap is already way past that lofty goal, when you consider the 41 million+ shares that are already out there and the 143,000 preferred shares that can and will be converted into 143,000,000 shares.  That currently gives the company a virtual market cap of at least $92 million.  Seriously.  For a company that is practically insolvent.  We don't know how FLMG is going to avoid further massive dilution, like it has already experienced.  Over the previous 12 months reported, shares were diluted by 56.4%.  With the latest quarterly report expected any day, we think that the current PnD campaign was commenced ahead of some bad news, including that there is a lot more stock to be spilled out onto the streets.

First Liberty Power (FLPC) is running a second Pump & Dump campaign for the year, one that is a little more intense than its October 31st campaign, which has seen participants take as much as 60% losses.  This campaign coincides with the company's first press release in six months, which says nothing to advance the company's prospects.  Rather, in a very shammy attempt to offer support to the PnD, the company talks about Bloomberg's analysis of the possible shortage of lithium and boasts about the sales of an actual lithium producer.    The press release goes on to talk talk about the production of a "nearby" mine.  The problem with this press release is that FLPC does not refer to any progress regarding its own purported exploration for lithium on its properties.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is a most obvious scam! 

FLPC's financials are not very encouraging.  The company has $74K in the bank but owes $439K.  Not surprisingly, it has yet to earn its first dollar.  And yet somehow, this company, which by its own words is "engaged in limited operations" is worth $7 million.  No, no, no, no, no!!!!

We notice that Thwapr, Inc (THWI) is refreshing their current PnD campaign with the addition of tout to the frolics.  We recently reviewed this one in a recent alert which you should read if you are at all tempted by this one.  And we suggest that you shouldn't be tempted. 

Insiders of Legend Oil and Gas (LOGL), continue to try and convince you into buying into its over 4 month old Ponzi scheme, even though many shareholders are experiencing more than 50% losses since the con began.  The "new" news being proffered by the touts, is that LOGL is pumping out oil at a paltry 300 barrels per day.  This certainly doesn't justify the current $54 million market cap, a fact which is well illustrated by the company's latest quarterly report of a net loss of $708K.  In other words, the company loses money with every barrel of oil it currently produces. 

LOGL has been the subject of several unscrupulous promotions and takeover claims which we have covered exhaustively in past alerts, that can be reviewed by clicking here, here, and here.

An illegal spam email campaign has begun on Insight Management Corp (ISIM).  Apparently, the insiders weren't not satisfied with's promotion back on November 15, as less than $50K worth of volume was generated by it.  Those buyers are experiencing a 25% loss.  This is not really surprising when you consider that the 160.5 million shares issued and outstanding give this thing a market cap of $5 million, even though the company reports having $30K in the bank and debt of $7.9 million.  The revenues this purported provider of green energy solutions kind of contradict the company's tagline, which reads,
"The Company acquires environmentally focused businesses with innovative offerings, substantial revenues, established customers and proven management teams."
Well ok, if you consider quarterly revenues of $63K to be substantial, but that sure won't satisfy the debt in an hurry.  Maybe the spam email campaign will bring the insiders better luck in selling their stock.  In the meantime, we'll pass.

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