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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

The Last Straw:
(quick somebody get more straws!)
Proof That Amwest Imaging & Writers' Group 
Are Related Pump & Dumps

It appears that the Amwest Imaging, Inc. (AMWI) has pretty much run its course and this scam is just about over.  Shares prices are getting clobbered, as online broker, TD Ameritrade, will no longer accept new buy orders on AMWI stock and insiders join the bag holders in the race to whack bids before this thing falls into oblivion.  Don't forget that the insiders have an unlimited supply of stock to sell, as evidenced by President Jason Gerteisen's recent registration of 138 million new shares, without explanation as to why or how he got them.  These shares are pure profit to the insiders so whatever they get for them, is all gravy.

The bulletin boards, such as, are being bullied by the touts, who are still trying to convince bag holders and new suckers alike that "the business model is sound".  Well we still say emphatically that that AMWI is a scam in the same mold as the Writers' Group Film Corp (WRIT) scam and masterminded by the same people who directed the WRIT scam.  And now we'll prove it once and for all.  We've already shown you that the two entities shared offices, the Keuber relationship and corporate counsel, Ron Stauber.  Now get a load of this.

On March 3, 2011, WRIT filed an 8-K with the SEC, announcing the acquisition of Front Row Networks, Inc.  The corresponding press release, issued 4 days later, was signed off by WRIT insider and habitual stock fraud artist, Phil Keuber.  Under Item 2.01 of that 8-K is the statement:
"On February 25, 2011, Writers' Group Film Corp. acquired all issued and outstanding shares of Front Row Networks, Inc., ("IWTI") thereby making Front Row a wholly-owned subsidiary of Writers' Group."
On September 7, 2011, AMWI filed an 8-K with the SEC, announcing the acquisition of Instant Website Technology, Inc, an entity controlled by Phil Keuber.  Under Item 2.01 of that 8-K is the statement:
"On September 6, 2011, Amwest Imaging Inc. acquired all issued and outstanding shares of Instant Website Technology, Inc., ("IWTI") thereby making IWTI a wholly-owned subsidiary of Writers' Group."
That was some pretty shoddy cutting and pasting Mr. Keuber and Attorney Ron Stauber.

There's a lot of the chewing of the proverbial cud by the touts today, as they try and rescue some on going Pump & Dump schemes that have not been going very well.

Insiders of Velatel Global Communications (VELA) have been dumping stock into increased volume facilitated by an almost 3 week old pump, during which time the share price has been down as much as 66%, before recovering a bit yesterday ahead of today's addition of new touts to pimp this crap.  We've already told you, in two separate alerts, why VELA is a bad investment idea as well as showing you why the insiders have to dump stock in order to profit on this thing.  You can access those alerts by clicking here and here.  There is no reason to believe that buyers into this PnD effort will fare any better than the previous dupes have.

KMA Global Solutions (KMAG) is another one whose current month long scheme needs a boast.  New touts have been brought in to see if they can generate any more buying of insider dung.  The current participants in this scheme are now enjoying as much as an 80% haircut in spite of regular emails from the touts.  We showed you why this company and PnD is a failure in a November 15th alert, you can access by clicking here.

The pump is continuing on Stakool, Inc. (STKO).  In the two weeks that this thing has been promoted, the share price hasn't gone anywhere, in spite of a regular stream of emails and an ever increasing number of touts pimping the insiders' shares.  There's no reason for it to do anything anyway, as this company cannot generate any sizzle selling energy bars, especially when it has only 11 grand in the bank, 300 grand in debt, $3,347 in quarterly revenues, but a hefty $8 million market cap.  Yuck!

While we haven't yet decided to investigate new Pump & Dump subject, Coastal Integrated Services (COLV), we can tell you that our sources at online broker, TD Ameritrade, have told us that they are not accepting buy orders on the stock.  That is usually a bad sign of suspicious activity, so we'd be inclined to have you find something else to throw your money away on.  Like Christmas presents for your kids.

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