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The Amwest Imaging Debacle: Resorts to Thuggery

Did A Foiled Promoter Make A Threat
On George Sharp's Life?

December 12, 2011: On Friday, the day after George Sharp issued a press release identifying new defendants for his lawsuit against Writers' Group Film Corp (WRIT), including Amwest Imaging (AMWI) insider, Phil Keuber; and, expressed concerns for the AMWI shareholders participating in that Pump & Dump sceme, and its sister touts issued an email to its subscribers, which included a suggestion that, 
"If you lost money yesterday you can clearly blame this George Sharp guy, and you may want to go have a chat with him in San Diego."
This is clearly a suggestion that harm should be brought to George Sharp for his actions of giving notice of a con being perpetrated against the investing public.  It is an incredibly criminal act committed by mafia-style thugs and out of concern for Mr. Sharp, we have notified the SEC and FBI.

We'll also note that you cannot "clearly blame" Sharp for the losses created by innocent dupes.  The blame lies at the feet of the con artists who committed this stock fraud including et al.

The email goes on to say,
"It's unfortunate that in this day and age releasing unverified 'news' through a wire for a company someone isn't even involved with isn't illegal yet."
Here we agree, unverified new through a wire should not be legal.  Unfortuntely for the perpetrators of this stock fraud, Sharp's news was verified.'s news, including the creation of an illusion that a company with $317 in the bank and limited, if any, revenues, was somehow worth $6.4 billion (at the predicted $12 per share).
"Bottom line is we think George Sharp was either short himself millions of shares or teamed up with the short sellers to release this bullshit 'news', and smack the company down to almost nothing. What wouldn't people do for tens of millions right?"
What wouldn't people do for tens of millions...?  You mean like create a stock scam and promote it with lies and innuendo, just like the insiders of AMWI have been doing?  Sharp says he wasn't short and we see no reason not to believe him.  Don't forget that Blame It On The Shorts is one of the sure signs of a PnD as we point out in our article, It's A Pump & Dump.

Not coincidentally, and its sisters are behind the Pump & Dump of another Phil Keuber scam, WRIT, as well as some of the biggest Pump & Dump campaigns of 2011; including, MILV, LEXG and POTG, three schemes so big that it is estimated that $750 million was lost by investors to their perpetrators. 

Just how unscrupulous are these promoters?  Even after all is revealed and the facts about the Pump & Dump are undeniable, the touts continue to pump out email after email, effectively telling readers that they are stupid for not buying into this scheme:  "If you were selling into this craziness you may be as much to blame as these guys."  How about the possibility that the sellers were trying to beat the insiders (including to the exits?

Does address the fact that the insiders owned every single share of AMWI right before the PnD campaign began?  No!  Do they have a comment?  No!  You are simply a moron for not participating because they say so.  It is an intimidation tactic commonly used by thugs and cons.  You see, these stock pimps are doing the job they have been hired to do by...the insiders of AMWI.  And remuneration is probably based on stock performance so they want you to buy buy buy.  They don't care if you lose lose lose.

The email goes on to make several scandalous and criminally liable remarks that we could review all day, but we'll end with this one telling remark,
"None of the fundamentals have changed, and it is still as solid as it was before the ridiculous 'news' came out."
We couldn't agree more with this comment  The fundamentals haven't changed one iota.  The company is a scheme designed to remove money from the investors' pockets and line the pockets of the AMWI insiders, who owned every single share of stock before the Pump & Dump began.  That fact has been well documented.  That fact is irrefutable.

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