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The Amwest Imaging Debacle:
Sharp Says That Gerteisen Whined to Globe Newswire

republished from December 12, 2011 entry at with permission

The Press Release:  Part 3 - Gerteisen Cries Wolf & Proof Positive That Keuber Is An Insider Of Amwest Imaging

Jason's puppet masters had him call Globe Newswire on Friday and whine about the fact that I exercised my First Amendment rights.  He was insistent that repeat penny stock schemer, Phil Keuber has no relationship with Amwest Imaging, which of course is a bunch of hogwash.  Then again today, Jason called Globe Newswire to press his point.  At that point, Globe Newswire called me and asked if I'd mind providing details of the relationship.  I was only to happy to oblige and I provided proof positive of Keuber's relationship with Amwest Imagingand showed, once again that these cons will do anything to get your money.

Here's the course of events I provided to Globe Newswire to show the relationship:

2. Instant Website Technology is controlled by Phil Keuber according to SEC Form D 

3. Same form shows Instant Website Technology address as 8200 Wilshire Blvd Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 

4. SEC filing shows that Amwest uses the same address 

5. Same filing shows acquisition of Instant Website and issuance of 6,060,000 shares (now 157,560,000 since 26 for 1 forward split) in consideration of acquisition.  This represents 29.4% of shares issued and outstanding = insider by a mile and a half. 

Needless to say, this is the end of Gerteisen's argument about the relationship Keuber has to Amwest Imaging.  29.4% of the stock and a shared address would give pretty much give Keuber insider status, wouldn't you say?

yes, Mr. Sharp, we would say...

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