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Monday, November 14, 2011
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

IPO Day For American Liberty Petroleum? 
Not Hardly!
also: We're Negative On Positron

The Penny Stock Psycho at, a tout that is infamous for conducting, as well as enabling, criminally negligent Pump & Dump schemes, is calling today's fresh Ponzi scheme on American Liberty Petroleum (OREO), "IPO Day".  That designation is not even close.  First of all, this stock has been available to trade under its current symbol for several months.  It's just that nobody knew about it, except for those who have been reading our advisories and alerts.

As we reminded readers in yesterday's advisory, OREO is another Ponzi scheme from the crooks behind Lone Star Gold (LSTG), that we saw coming a long time ago.  Current LSTG
holders haven't made a dime while plenty have lost money, as the share price is back where it started three months ago.  This in spite of criminal manipulations still being investigated by the SEC, such as promotional campaigns claiming that Goldcorp was about to conduct a takeover of the company.  That claim continued, even through Goldcorp's firm refute of the preposterous notion and its own dismissal of LSTG's  La Candelaria property purported to have billions of dollars of pretend gold.

In the meantime, LSTG insiders, including OREO principals Allvaros Vollmers and John Rhoden dumped millions of shares onto the public, thereby taking advantage of the foolish public's appetite for fool's gold.  And now they're about to do it again with OREO.  We expect it to trade sideways, much like LSTG has, until the insiders run out of stock.  

As explained in our article, It's A Pump & Dump, sideways PnDs are indicated when insiders sit on the offer (offer endless amounts of stock within a short price range), thus keeping the stock from running away and preventing new investors from thinking it is too late to buy the stock.  Older shareholders don't sell the stock because they can't physiologically accept the fact that they haven't made money yet. The insiders will also support the bid price in case a small sell off does come, but all they are doing is buying back stock that they previously sold at higher prices.  In this way, the stock appears to have strong support and new investors are more comfortable stepping in.  Of course, the whole things falls apart once the insiders have no more stock to sell and then bid whacking begins. 

LSTG is the classic example of a sideways PnD.  The trading range has been mostly fairly tight and within sight of $1.00, in spite of millions of shares having been traded.  Here, Vollmers, Rhoden and the other insiders have been sitting on the offer and bought back stock whenever it looked like a sell off was in the works.  Much like NYXO, HPGS and other past sideways PnD subjects, support for LSTG stock will soon disappear.  We expect that bid whacking is imminent, now that these crooks have begun a similar campaign on OREO.

Is OREO like an IPO?  Nope!  Consider the fact that at 6:29am today Vollmers and Rhoden and their partners still owned virtually every single share of OREO.  At 6:30am, they began the selling off of their shares.  Because they take the public for suckers.  And in hopes of making a few hundred dollars, those suckers will give these thieves millions.

A new Pump & Dump campaign was begun today on Positron Corporation (POSC). Here's a stock that has literally had the crap beaten out of it over the last 18 months and no wonder.  It's difficult to get excited about a company with $194K in the bank after being in business for 12 years and yet declaring itself a "leader" in molecular imaging. A leader?  With less than 200,000 bucks in the bank and quarterly revenues of $482K?   It doesn't make us feel any better to know that the company loses over a million bucks on those meager revenues, has debt of over $5 million and yet manages to maintain a market cap of $15 million.  It does makes us think that if POSC is the leader in the industry, we'd sure hate to think what the state of the second place guys would be.

Then there's the matter of over 7 million POSC preferred shares of various classes, which can be converted into 100s of millions of shares of common stock. Some of that preferred stock has recently been converted and may be the prelude to this new PnD campaign.  It seems like some of these preferred share holders are looking to cash up at your expense. 

One more word on the Rhino Human Resources (IFHR) manipulation, which we ended by showing that twin touts, and, were full of it when they claimed a huge short position on the stock.  We believe that the touts were either acting for the owner(s) of the shell or front loading it for themselves prior to pumping this empty shell.  Anyway, FINRA's short report for October 14, which was released on October 25, reported that there was a total short position of only 14,785 shares.  Since then, FINRA's October 31st report has been released and shows a short interest of only 5,349 shares, once and for all proving that a manipulation was in the works.  Now investors are licking their wounds after many have experienced 75% losses.  We've sent our findings to the SEC and FINRA.

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