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American Liberty Petroleum: Another Ponzi Scheme From The Thieves Who Brought You Lone Star Gold

February 26, 2012:  This advisory is worthy of a reprint because of the restart of the American Liberty Petroleum (OREO) Pump & Dump campaign.  We cannot stress enough the danger of investing in this stock, as it is sure to bring the same disastrous results brought to those that did not heed our warnings regarding Lone Star Gold.  Millions of dollars were stolen from investors who took part in that scheme and lined the pockets of the very same people involved with OREO.

November 13, 2011: Allvaro Vollmers and John Rhoden, the men behind the Lone Star Gold (LSTG) criminal ponzi scheme, are at it again.  Today marks the beginning of the Pump & Dump on American Liberty Petroleum (OREO).

Very few have made money on LSTG. Except for the insiders, of course.  They have foisted millions of shares on the public, by lying about  their mineral poor and worthless la Candelaria property and have financed promotions which called for the takeover of that property by Goldcorp, something Goldcorp has refuted and will never happen.  LSTG shares sit at a buck, right where they started when the scheme began 3 months ago.  Former LSTG President and current OREO President Allvaro Vollmers, and his partners have sold off 10s of millions of shares of LSTG stock and are now moving to OREO.  We'll bet that the LSTG share price will now begin to slowly fall into the abyss as Vollmers et al moves on.

We told you this would happen.  We warned you that LSTG is a scam and we told you back in August that Vollmers would be eventually moving on to OREO.

The tangled web spun by Vollmers and LSTG's former biggest shareholder, John Rhoden is telling. They are both involved in LSTGand OREO, which until recently, had owed LSTG $600,000 by way of a complex merger agreement gone awry and combined cash lending arrangements that we for the life of us could not then or now figure out, at least not based on the SEC filings.  We're still looking for guidance.

Vollmers purportedly divested himself of his holdings in LSTG when he sold his 12% ownership to current LSTG President Daniel Ferris.  But don't you believe it.  The entire transaction was concocted as a ruse in order to seemingly distance Vollmers from LSTG and make both Ponzi schemes work.  Whether the LSTG scam was devised to finance OREO, or whether these criminals are pocketing the millions of dollars stolen from investors is anybody's guess, but one thing is certain, Messers. Vollmers and Rhoden do not have the public's best interests at heart.

The only question that remains is whether the public is willing to put more money into these crooks' pockets.

Let's go viral with this!  We need your help to spread the word and limit this scheme!

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