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August 4, 2011
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Well after one week, dozens of emails and the release of our advisory Touts: The Seedy Side of Being A Stock Pimp, The Stock Psycho aka The Penny Psycho at finally issued an apology for his misleading email touting CAPB and pretending it was CBCR.  He provided a lame excuse, choosing to blame it on E-Trade's error of listing CBCR's news alongside CAPB's stock quote.  While E-Trade  is indeed doing this, we still call BS and claim that the Psycho made a pile.  We think that he deliberately took advantage of this glitch on E-Trade to make some money, all the while having E-Trade to cover his butt.  This is evidenced by the fact that it took him a week to publish his apology in spite of receiving dozens of emails. It was two days after our advisory, which called him a criminal, was published before he issued his apology.  The worst thing is that he implies that nobody was hurt by his actions even though his alert created sudden volume and a 20 fold jump in the share price.  Of course the share price has since fallen back to Earth.  Finally, a professional stock promoter who implies being a world class stock picker does not make a mistake like this.  A stock picker reads the news releases and picks up on the mistake.  WE DID!

For this criminal action and lame apology, we award The Stock Psycho at today's PIMP award, given to the tout who exhibits the most disgusting display of stock prostitution.

Speaking of prostitution, we see that the touts are at it again on AURI on the same day we issued our advisory on the company.  The lack of interest in this company is palpable, in spite of the tremendous amount of preposterous pumping which includes a comparison of this tiny shoe company to APPLE, Inc.

AURI is just one of a series of worthless companies being regurgitated today by the touts.  However, AURI at least generates revenues, even if they are meager and unable to justify the ridiculous market cap.  Repeat Pump and Dump subjects, BIZZ, ROSV and MSMY don't even do that much and yet have market caps even greater than AURI's.  Still, a company like BIZZ, which is pretending to be in the social media business does purport to have a line of business which would be considered to be sexier than the shoe business.  The suckers who are buying into this one are looking for the next Facebook and are easily swayed.  Still, a $70 million market cap for a website that has yet to generate its first penny?  Hmmmmmm.

A reminder that we will be rolling out our new website over the weekend so you may find periods of downtime.  This is the first step towards an even more detail oriented source of information to the investor community as we continue our crusade against the ponzi schemes in the penny market.