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August 29, 2011
Today's PUMPs & dumpS

Goldcorp Says Lone Star Gold Full Of Crap!

An article appearing in the Vancouver Sun on August 27, 2011 reports on an interview with Goldcorp Vice-President and General Counsel, David Deisley.  Within that interview, Deisley finally refutes the touts who have been suggesting that Goldcorp was going to takeover LSTG.  We've been reporting on the LSTG scam since we issued our first advisory on August 14 and have been calling on Mr. Deisley to do the responsible thing and refute the claims, by telephone and most recently in our August 24 alert.  We have reason to believe that it was that alert which prompted the Vancouver Sun to approach Mr. Deisley and we applaud their decision to seek him out for the interview.

Many of our readers heeded our August 24 call to arms and emailed Mr. Deisley and Investor Relations contact Lynette Gould, calling on them to refute the claims.  While Deisley told the Sun that it has instructed Goldcorp's US counsel to report to the SEC (who are already investigating), we are nonetheless disappointed that Goldcorp did not immediately do the responsible thing and issue a press release, thereby leaving potential victims such as seniors exposed to the scam.  Shame on Goldcorp!

While the Vancouver Sun article identifies tout, Stock Castle, as the accomplice to the criminality (our word, not the Sun's), they neglected to mention that touts Wall Street Penny Stock Advisors, Top Stock Analysts and James Connelly, the self professed Penny Stock Prophet, also parroted the notoriously criminal suggestion.

The Sun reports that they have talked to Lone Star's investor relations point man who, of course, refused to give his name.  At first he claimed no knowledge of the Pump & Dump campaign but then admitted that he had heard about it from others.  Of course Lone Star never discredited the touts' claims as that would have been contrary to their actual intentions.  We'll just call the IR guy a liar, and label him, LSTG President Daniel Ferris, Allvaro Vollmers, and those behind Stock Castle, and the other complicit touts, criminals of the highest order.

In the meantime, we now have tout,, making the same ridiculous suggestion of a Goldcorp takeover of Sonora Resources (SURE).  We'll be interested to see if anybody nips this one in the bud.

There's a new pink sheet scam on the scene tomorrow. Aquasil International (AQUS) one of dozens of Pumps & Dumps regarding the beverage business is going to give it a go.  The last "new" beverage company we reported on, Cuba Beverage (CUBV) has done nothing but created poverty since it's one and only PnD campaign.  The Stock Psycho at is pimping this without benefit of a press release, so one could guess that there will be something tomorrow.  In the meantime, the company has $669 in the bank, zero revenues and a $15 million market cap, so you figure out what we think of this obvious scam.

Beacon Equity has been retained to pimp China Holdings (HGSH) as it tries to stabilize its free falling stock price in order to maintain its Nasdaq listing.  This never works as evidenced by Seven Arts Pictures (SAPX), whose own trials and tribulations are the subject of an upcoming advisory.  The new listing is going to find its destiny eventually on the Bulletin Boards, but probably not before an attempt to keep its stock above a dollar through a reverse split anticipated sometime in the coming year.  As it is, we don't like China penny plays as they are extra difficult to regulate from here in the USA.

We are amused that new Pump & Dump subject, Fleet Management Solutions (FLMG), issues press releases from Naples, FL even though the company who is purportedly in the car fleet management business operates in Greece, has its IR in Greece and has absolutely nothing to do with Naples.  Perhaps they think it is easier to scheme with a Naples dateline than an Athens dateline.

The Ponzi scheme that is Crowne Ventures (CRWV) continues today as it sets up to hurt a lot of people.  We think that this one could be the focus of an SEC trading halt soon, as we explain in yesterday's advisory.  We expect you to take caution and better yet, stay away from the criminals running this scheme.  The risk reward ratio is most definitely not in your favor.

The Pump & Dump campaign on Searchlight Solutions (SLLN) continues, this time and jump into the fray.  This stock has done nothing but go down ever since the campaign began, as insiders dump millions of worthless shares onto the public.  It is beyond us why anybody would get involved in this disaster.

Cleantech Transit (CLNO) is an ongoing wanna be Pump & Dump that can't get out of its own way.  It has traded less than 100,000 shares in the two weeks since this campaign started in spite of being promoted by the six tout sheets run by Crown Equity Holdings.  The lack of liquidity also means that it will be near impossible to get out of any position should you fall for this scheme.  In order to try and give their recommendation some credibility, the touts are adding this recommendation in the facade of an after thought to a recommendation of Pfizer.  We warn you about these kind of schemes in our article It's A Pump & Dump, which should be on your required reading list.

Since Our Last Alert on August 26, 2011 and at least 1 other paid tout have been promoting FLMG in conjunction with a new Pump & Dump campaign. has been promoting LSTG in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign. has been promoting HGSH in conjunction with a new Pump & Dump campaign. and at least 5 other paid touts have been promoting CLNO in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign. and at least 2 other paid touts have been promoting CRWV in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign. has been promoting AQUS in conjunction with a new Pump & Dump campaign. and at least 1 other paid tout have been promoting SLLN in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign. has been promoting AVIX in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign. has been promoting CNUV in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign. has been promoting TOFS in conjunction with an ongoing Pump & Dump campaign.