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3D Eye Solutions, Inc (TDEY) Tries To Pull The Wool Over Your 3D Eyes

Today we look into TDEY whose pump began shortly after Wednesday's close, and we expect much more to come before Thursday's open.  It took us exactly 3 minutes of research before we started chuckling.

Let's forget about the company's lame website which says very little about the no-name product line and absolutely nothing about the history or qualifications of management.  Let's instead focus on the newly anointed (by his purchase of the shell) Chairman of 3D Eye Solutions, Marc Jablon.  Now where have you heard that name before?  We'll give you a minute.  

"...Dum dee dum dum...tra la la la la..."  

Did you remember?  Well in case you didn't, Marc Jablon was an integral part of the CyberKey (CKYS) Scam of 2006 and 2007.  This company was pumped on the claim that it had a $25 million purchase order from the Department of Homeland Security for its computer data security products.  Problem was that the DHS had never heard of CyberKey.  According to the SEC, Jablon and his partners, who were running a boiler room operation at the time in, you guessed it, Lakewood, Florida, knew that this purchase order was phony, but that didn't stop them from using as many as 50 callers to cold call brokers and push them to buy stock for their clients.  Jablon also had a hand in conjuring up CyberKey's phony press releases.  The stock was eventually suspended by the SEC and charges of securities fraud were filed by the SEC against Jablon and his partners who netted over $7 million in ill-gotten gains.  You can view the SEC Complaint by clicking here.  The case is going on as we speak in Orlando District of Federal Court where the SEC is seeking a permanent ban on Jablon from the securities markets. Jablon has also been sued on at least 3 other occasions for securities related incidents by claimants.  He has been accused of committing RICO offenses at least once.  

Over the past 10 years, Jablon has been hired to oversee Pump & Dumps for Ivi Communications (IVII), Made in America Entertainment (MAEI), Diamond Powersports (DPWS), and the now delisted Homeland Integrated Security Systems (HISU).

Ladies and gentlemen we have a man with a history of Pump and Dump schemes here who is now in dutch with the SEC.  Are you now to believe that Mr. Jablon has suddenly decided to run an honest business with TDEY?  If so, good luck to you.  We'll just sit back and watch the carnage.

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