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Avatar Ventures (AVVC) Into The Pump & Dump Business

April 27, 2011:  P.T. Barnum was credited with the line, "There's a sucker born every minute".  That was over 100 years ago.  We want to know how he knew that one day there would be Avatar Ventures.

OK, seriously, what is wrong with you people?  Are you really going to let a bunch of baseless pumping conducted by PAID touts be the ruin of you?  Yes, some have made money, but this ponzi/pyramid scheme is about to come tumbling down.  Come on people!  How many times do we have to tell you?  RESEARCH!

Let's start with the 10-Q, filed in March and showing $16 in the bank as of January 31, 2011.  Get that?  16 bucks. And zero revenues. Z-E-R-O.  This is a company that was incorporated in 2006 and has done NOTHING in 5 years!  It was designed to be a pump and dump!

The company's one and only press release EVER was to announce a private placement of stock @ $1.30.  Did you let this fool you?  Sure it was @ $1.30 because a benchmark was needed to be set for the fools to buy this thing.  The people who bought the stock @ $1.30 are conducting what is known as a "gypsy swap".  These same people bought millions of shares @ one-tenth of a penny and are now selling that stock to you @ better than a buck.  Generously, they'll take $500,000 worth of 144 paper with the money they plucked out of your pockets, but they still come out millions ahead.  Did you notice that the announcement said the equity was raised by a non-US corporation?  How about the fact that until recently, this thing was based in China.  That is non-US, right?  Now this zero revenue, zero product company which may have $500,000 in the bank suddenly has a market cap of $86 million.  Well done dupes!  You really helped Stocks Gone Wild and Epic Stock Picks and those other half dozen paid touts earn their money.

And how about the fact that they've now moved their "principal executive corporate office" to 27281 La Ramblas, #200, Mission Viejo, California.  Our research shows that address to be a virtual office, housing dozens of companies.  In other words, there are no operations.  Anywhere!  Well except for the insiders' brokerage accounts.

Did you look at the website?  Click under "Business Apps".  How many products do you see?  That's right, none!  In fact, the entire website says nothing but a bunch of general observations.  We don't know what they're working on, if anything, or when they might generate revenues.

What is also missing on the website is any background on the officers or directors, most notably, newly appointed President, Jack Garland Stevenson on whom we could not find a thing, certainly not anything that qualifies him to be the officer and a director of a publicly traded company.

We'll ask again.  What the heck is wrong with you people?

Be careful out there.